DJ Services

DJ Services

Now you have taken the next step to preparing for your wedding reception. Your wedding should be the happiest day of your life so we take great pride in taking all the stress out of planning for that special day. Your perfect day starts with perfect planning and at Choice Entertainment that begins from the moment you entrust your special day with us. 

Every detail of your day is covered with our step-by-step planner so you, your friends and family can relax, have fun, dance and make it a night to remember.

Pre-wedding interview

Everyone’s wedding is as individual as you are and that’s why it is important to sit down and plan the format for your wedding day. We will plan the exact detail from the moment your guests arrive, your bridal entry, the cutting of the cake, your bridal waltz and the farewell. We will go through the speech format and any other special details that you would like included to make this a day to remember.

We will then email you the format so you can provide it to your own MC and your reception centre. A phone call on the week before your wedding day will ensure that the all those last minute changes are ready to go. You won’t be disappointed!

Your Wedding Ceremony

The wedding ceremony is an important aspect of your wedding day with both of you standing hand in hand exchanging vows in front of your family and friends. Have you ever been at a ceremony and you just can’t hear what is being said? Well Choice Entertainment can assist with the amplification of your ceremony. Small unobtrusive lapel microphones will ensure that your family and friends don’t miss a thing. 

We will play music as your guests are arriving prior to the arrival of the bride, the procession march, music for the signing of the marriage certificate and a song when you are presented to your family and friends as husband and wife.

Master of Ceremonies

The role as the MC is one of the most important jobs at your wedding. Their job is to ensure the wedding runs smoothly and to time.  



If you would like us to act as your Master of Ceremonies we would be happy to provide this service free of charge. Or if you prefer, we are able to assist one of your chosen family or friends to act as MC on the night.


Music helps you create that special day. At Choice Entertainment we want to make sure that the music you and you friends like is played on the day. That’s why in your pre-wedding interview we ask you to bring with you a list of songs that you would like played. Even a list of those songs that you would rather not hear on your day. At your pre-wedding interview we will go through your songs for the ceremony (if applicable), your entry, the cutting of the cake, your bridal waltz songs, departing songs and your other favourite music that will have your family & friends up dancing. 

We believe it is important for the bride and groom to select their style of music that can be played throughout dinner and later when everyone is dancing.

Our Equipment

Our equipment is as important to us as the bridal gown to the bride. We pride ourselves on our state of the art equipment which has been specifically selected to deliver top quality sound on your special day.  


We also have special effect lighting that creates a lasting ambience on the night. From the water light which adds a lovely touch to the bridal waltz, to other funkier lights that keep the mood going until the last song is played.

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